General Counsel on Call℠

General Counsel on Call If your business isn’t ready to hire a full time in-house counsel, and wishes to manage legal costs most effectively, General Counsel on Call℠ may be the right solution for you. Under this service, Attorney Brown, a former VP and General Counsel of a New York Stock Exchange listed company and Deputy General Counsel of a NASDAQ listed telecommunications company, will be available to you for a set number of hours per month, based on a 12 month commitment. Representation may take the form of telephone consultation, meetings or work at your office, or travel to provide representation as needed with respect to your business transactions. You will be provided with a General Counsel on Call℠ dedicated cell phone number to insure that when you need your general counsel, you will have direct access. Some possible ways to utilize the Counsel on Call℠ service:

  • Arrange office hours periodically for the general counsel at your place of business to provide legal counsel to managers on topics such as human resources issues, contract matters, disputes, vendor issues, documents review, and other situations. These may address specific issues as they arise, or provide informational seminars to help prevent legal problems from occurring and to assist in important training for your staff
  • Phone consultation with the general counsel, via dedicated phone number, on issues as they arise with office follow up, document drafting, advice on strategies up to and including mediation or litigation if required and as appropriate
  • Travel with manager/principal to assist in negotiating, structuring, financing and closing business transactions

Under the General Counsel on Call℠ service you are guaranteed a certain number of hours per month, per year, based on a flat fee that amounts to a 50% discount of Attorney Brown’s billing rate of $350 per hour. If your use exceeds the agreed number of hours in your program, the discounted hourly rate applies to any additional representation. Payment of the retainer will be quarterly, in advance, for the agreed number of hours.

If you would like to learn more about how General Counsel on Call℠ could suit your needs, please contact our office for a no obligation, reduced cost, initial consultation.

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