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The Brown Law Firm, LLC is able to draw on multiple experiences and apply best practices creatively across industry lines, striving to supply efficient and high-quality legal services. BLF attorneys have experience in a wide variety of industries: banking; telecommunications; footwear; technology; real estate; real estate services; government procurement. If you have a specific legal concern or are interested in developing an ongoing relationship with corporate counsel, contact our office and make arrangements for a consultation with Attorney Brown.

Services we provide that enhance business operations and reduce risk include assistance with the following:

  • Corporate Finance
  • With over 14 years as a business and commercial real estate lender, attorney Brown is eminently qualified in helping business owners in finding, structuring, negotiating and closing financing arrangements. We represent borrowers. All parties benefit when a financing is closed quickly and efficiently.

  • Contract Negotiations / Contract Management
  • We review and prepare all types of business contracts, including sales and marketing agreements, purchasing agreements, responses to RFPs, MOUs, employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, severance agreements, shareholder agreements and real estate contracts.

  • Government Contracts
  • When a business sells goods or services to a government agency, the government always has the home-court advantage because the government's own peculiar laws and rules apply to the contract. Despite this advantage, many small and large businesses have done extremely well selling to the government year after year, usually guided by a lawyer who has specific experience helping clients sell successfully to the government. Attorney Brown has worked with government entities with respect to the procurement of buildings, public works projects and services. Additionally, BLF attorney Brown has provided guidance with respect to bid protests, state ethics rules and regulations, general contact matters, litigation, and federal jurisdiction issues.

  • Business Law Services
  • BLF offers extensive services in business law, including assistance with business formation, mergers and acquisitions, business contracts (sales and purchasing) and governance, utilizing Attorney Brown’s experience as Deputy General Counsel and General Counsel of NASDAQ and NYSE-listed companies.

We strive to provide our clients with resourceful,
creative and intelligent representation.
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