Contract Disputes/Litigation

Resolving Contract Disputes

Contract Disputes/LitigationAt The Brown Law Firm, LLC, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants involved in contract disputes or who need to sue another party to enforce contract rights or obtain monetary or injunctive relief for breach of a contact. Attorney Brown has a successful track record of protecting clients from the consequences of contract disputes through resourceful and intelligent contract drafting and, if necessary, settlement negotiation, mediation and/or litigation.

Many contract disputes occur because of poorly or hastily drafted contracts that do not anticipate and answer questions that may reasonably arise such as the timing of each party’s promised actions or expectation of results. When important terms of the contract are vague, there is a good that there will be a misunderstanding. That's where your attorney's practical business experience can pay dividends. With 14 years as a commercial lender, learning about all types of businesses and how they succeed as well as how they can get into trouble, as well as starting a restaurant, financial consulting firm and a law firm, Attorney Brown can apply his legal expertise and practical business experience to help you maximize your outcome.

Contract disputes are not always about good faith disputes. They are simply about not honoring the terms of the agreement: failing to meet milestones, delinquency in making payments, not performing a service as required or not delivering a conforming product. In these situations, BLF can help you make the determination of whether to compromise or litigate.

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