Client Profile/Testimonial No. 4

Client Testimonial – Confidential No. 2012-020

Client Identity and certain details are confidential either for privacy considerations or contractual obligations pursuant to a settlement agreement.



Review of termination documents including separation agreement.

Flat fee payment option

The Brown Law Firm’s representation included a client interview, review of documents, follow up “coaching” with respect to negotiating additional terms.

“Mr. Brown took the time to listen carefully to my situation. He asked questions and clarified certain provisions for me. He explained what I should expect from the employer and we formed a plan to respond and protect my interests. This was a very stressful time for me and working with Mr. Brown helped reduce my anxiety while improving the terms of separation.”

“The representation was a great value and I would highly recommend it for anyone dealing with a layoff or termination.”

“A few weeks later I entered into a real estate transaction and the Brown Law Firm ably assisted me with that matter as well.” “Thank you!”