Client Profile/Testimonial No. 2

Dennis A. Draffone, Security Consultant, U.S. Army Special Forces (ret.)

About Dennis Draffone


Dennis Draffone is retired after 20 years in law enforcement, with 14 years spent as a police officer for the Plymouth, Massachusetts Police Department. A multi-talented professional, he is experienced in various facets of criminal investigation and additionally has expertise in business development. Dennis also is a certified hypnotist. Draffone is penning a light-hearted account of his “adventures” in the Vietnam War as a Green Beret.

Draffone currently works as an NRA Firearms Instructor, teaching students how to use any weapon emphasizing safety and proper handling. Through his system, he helps people get their license to carry through a combination of work in the classroom and at the shooting range. Draffone also serves as a security consultant and is available to provide advice on how to protect your assets. He provides valuable insight into the tools you do and do not need to be effective. Dennis Draffone can be reached at (617) 827-7800 or for more information.

Dennis Draffone and the Brown Law Firm, LLC.

After an extensive online search for lawyers who dealt with discrimination suits, Dennis Draffone chose the Brown Law Firm to represent him in his discrimination case. “I called a bunch of different law firms, and when I spoke with Graeme I knew that he was the right guy,” Draffone said. “A lot of lawyers are out there just to push the buck, but Graeme really is knowledgeable and a great guy and I was very impressed.”

Throughout the process, Graeme kept Draffone abreast to what was happening and made sure that everything went as smoothly as possible. “Graeme and his associate, Ryan Avery, provided strong legal representation. With other companies, nobody calls you back and lets you know what’s going on, and it is very frustrating,” said Draffone. “When Graeme said he was going to call me back, he actually did and it was great.”

Despite the fact that the case was very stressful, Graeme managed to keep Draffone at ease and make the entire process as painless as it could be. “Graeme was always on the ball, and he really believed in my case, and wasn’t just working with me just because,” Draffone said. “He is very down to earth and a great people person. Graeme and his associate, Ryan Avery, make a great team and I would highly recommend them for any discrimination/litigation case!”