BLF provides legal advice and counsel employers can trust, from lawyers who understand business and who will take the time to understand the particular nuances of the client’s business. We’ll use our understanding of the risks and issues your company faces to provide informed, cost-effective advice. We’ll provide business and employment law guidance that makes business sense.

We can help you establish a foundation that will help prevent challenges and distractions. BLF provides legal advice and counsel on all aspects of labor and employment law.

  • Federal and state regulations
  • Federal and state wage and hour laws
  • Employee handbooks and human resource policies
  • Non-disclosure, non-competition and confidentiality agreements
  • Handling EEO and MCAD cases
  • Employment agreements
  • Decisions with respect to employees, such as terminations and severance
  • Review and/or establishment of internal dispute resolution procedures
  • Compliance with workplace safety laws and regulations

Business and Employment Law Blog

We also provides analysis, resources and commentary on developments in business law and employment law at our blog.

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We strive to provide our clients with resourceful,
creative and intelligent representation.